Message From The Head Of Regional Bureau And Chief Executive Of Eapcco Secretariat

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I am pleased to welcome all visitors to the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) website.

EAPCCO is a regional law enforcement cooperation organization keen to link national police services in the Eastern Africa region and whose objective is to combat transnational organized crime. In today’s highly globalized world, police cooperation is a matter of need rather than choice. Whereas at the global level, police agencies cooperate through INTERPOL and at continental level through AFRIPOL, there is a great need to forge cooperation mechanisms at the regional level in order to address both internationally sanctioned crimes as well as region specific cross border crimes and this is the role that EAPCCO plays.

For over two decades of its existence, EAPCCO has been at the forefront in promoting cooperation among member countries through information sharing, police chiefs’ resolutions, joint training and joint operations while targeting such crimes as Terrorism; drug trafficking; proliferation of small arms and light weapons; environmental crimes; human trafficking and people smuggling; counterfeiting; cybercrime and money laundering among others. The organization has through the Council of Police Chiefs, the Permanent Coordinating Committee and the supporting organs (Training, Legal, Counter Terrorism and Gender) continued to support regional collaboration. These successes would however not be realized without the unwavering support of political leaders and our very worthy partners.

This digital platform therefore serves as a channel for sharing and showcasing EAPCCO’s achievements, activities and programs as well as enlist public support in the fight against Transnational Organized Crimes.