The EAPCCO Secretariat serves as the coordinating and information hub of the organization. Established in the year 1999, the Secretariat also serves as the INTERPOL Regional Bureau for Eastern Africa and is hosted in a building donated by the Republic of Kenya at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Headquarters in Nairobi.

Consequently, the Secretariat serves as the depository and custodian of all instruments of the organization including Council of Ministers Communique issued at the conclusion of every annual meeting, Police Chiefs Resolutions, committee and subcommittee recommendations, Regional Agreements and Protocols and the EAPCCO Constitution. In addition, the Secretariat with the strict authority and approval of the Council of Police Chiefs and the EAPCCO Chairman, administers the EAPCCO Account to which member countries make annual contributions.

The Secretariat also plays the important role of advising the Council of Police Chiefs on regional crime trends and emerging security threats and develops the agenda for discussion in regional meetings with a view to developing strategies to mitigate against these threats. In achieving this, the Secretariat works closely with INTERPOL General Secretariat and other relevant partners.

In it’s role as the coordinating branch, the Secretariat EAPCCO is led by the Chief Executive Officer who is a senior Police Officer seconded to INTERPOL by one of the member countries. The current Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Gedion Kimilu. The CEO is supported in his role by a team of police officers seconded from the region and other technical experts working in the Bureau/Secretariat.