The regional police chiefs  mandates the EAPCCO Secretariat to coordinate and supports  regional operations aimed at combating transnational organized crimes. These operations include:

(a). Operation USALAMA: An annual inter-regional activity conducted simultaneously in East Africa and Southern Africa spearheaded by RB Harare and RB Nairobi. The operation has been successfully executed annually since its inception in 2013. The Operation targets Trafficking in Human Beings/Peoples Smuggling, Narcotic Drugs, Motor Vehicle Crime, Wildlife Crimes, Theft of Copper Cables, Smuggling of Minerals and Illicit Proliferation of Small Arms & Light Weapons. The targeting is guided by Intelligence shared between the two regions during the planning process. Participating Member Countries utilize INTERPOL Capabilities and carry out further investigations after the Operation to effectively eradicate and dismantle Organized Criminal Syndicates traversing the two regions. This has resulted in improved accessing and utilization as well as populating of INTERPOL Databases. The Usalama series is fully fledged with both Planning and Evaluation workshops before and after the Operations respectively.

(b). Operation OPSON: INTERPOL led global operation targets counterfeit and substandard food and beverage which continue to negatively affect the lives of citizens and economies of member countries

(c). Operation LIONFISH MIHADARATI: targets drug trafficking in the region and beyond with the aim of dismantling the trafficking networks.