Since its inception, EAPCCO has continued to register significant achievements in its desire to attain its overall objective of promoting regional law enforcement cooperation as a tool for combating Transnational Organized Crimes.

  1. Membership: since establishment, the organization’s membership has grown twofold from seven at inception to the current fourteen. This is clear testimony that EAPCCO’s ideals and vision are attractive to more countries that find it as a worthy entity in the regional security architecture.
  2. Regional cooperation in combating crime: Countries in the region continue to cooperate at both bilateral and multilateral levels to combat Transnational Organized Crime. Sharing of information, mutual legal assistance and extradition are the key pillars of regional cooperation in combating crime.
  3. Regional joint operations: Since 2010, Member countries have been carrying out joint simultaneous operations targeting organized crime groups. These operations have often been extended beyond Eastern Africa to other regions in Africa and elsewhere. These operations have not only helped stem organized crime by dismantling existing syndicates but also strengthened cooperation among participating countries.
  4. Regional Centres of Excellence: The idea of establishment of Centres of Excellence has been a major accomplishment of the organization. Modelled around the twin concepts of Benchmarking and Best Practices, Centres of Excellence are designed to serve as the best institutions in their category providing their services to the entire region. Nearly all countries have volunteered to host one such Centre of Excellence with at least three such institutions being currently operational. These are; The Centre of Excellence on Senior Command at Musanze in the Republic of Rwanda, the Regional Forensic Laboratory in Khartoum Republic of Sudan and the EAPCCO Counter Terrorism Centre of Excellence in Nairobi Kenya. Other centres are still in the process of being developed.
  5.  Regional Games: Another milestone has been in the field of sports where the Council of Police Chiefs approved the participation of police officers in regional sports annually. The first EAPCCO sports activity was hosted by the Republic of Uganda in 2017 and subsequently these event has been organized and carried out every year. So far these games have been held in the United Republic of Tanzania and The Republic of Kenya. The fourth such event scheduled for the Republic of Rwanda in 2020, was unfortunately disrupted by the outbreak of COVID 19. These sports not only provide an opportunity to compete but also a ventilator for the busy law enforcers to exercise their bodies and minds. Regional cooperation is promoted as an overarching goal.
  6. Police Chiefs Resolutions: Since inception, police chiefs have generated numerous resolutions on police cooperation, harmonization of laws and policies and information sharing.
  7. Development of instruments: With the support of partners, the organization has developed such instruments as Training manuals and Standard Operating Procedures which are key to capacity building of law enforcement.
  8. Joint Training: Joint training initiatives have been organized and delivered in member countries. In total, over 4, 000 police officers have been trained since inception. These include activities under the Field, Table Top and Command Post Training Exercises.
  9. Pool of Partners: Over the years the organization has acquired and maintained key strategic partners with whom it works closely to execute its mandate.
  10. EAPCCO Magazine: Four publications of this very informative magazine have been published. The magazine contains articles highlighting regional security challenges and strategies to contain these as well past, present and future endeavors.
  11. EAPCCO WEBSITE: This is the latest communication platform providing an opportunity to inform and engage with citizens of Eastern Africa and our partners.