Chairman’s Remarks on the Occasion of launching of the EAPCCO website

Dear delegates, after several months of hard work and dedication, I am thrilled to officially announce the launch of our website. This launch is a testimony that EAPCCO is active and very dynamic. The history of todays event dates back to the EAPCCO games in 2020 in the united republic of Tanzania where a recommendation was made on having a website. The recommendation was actioned in June 2020 through EAPCCO funding and in September 2021 UNODC came in and graciously

Message From The Head Of Regional Bureau And Chief Executive Of Eapcco Secretariat

I am pleased to welcome all visitors to the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) website. EAPCCO is a regional law enforcement cooperation organization keen to link national police services in the Eastern Africa region and whose objective is to combat transnational organized crime. In today’s highly globalized world, police cooperation is a matter of need rather than choice. Whereas at the global level, police agencies cooperate through INTERPOL and at continental level through AFRIPOL, there is a great need